In the life of a stay at home mother.


As a stay at home mom I bathe in the bliss of laying in pajamas all day and doing nothing but eating and sleeping and laying around watching TV… NOT! I wish! If only the life of a stay at home mother was as uneventful as everyone seems to think, life would be bliss and the sky would be raining candy and marshmallows. Being a stay at home mother is HARD, not that any woman can’t do it, you just need to keep your mind right. Which is why I started this blog, I need a “Journal” so-to-speak to just get me through the day. A place where I can talk about my struggles and get feedback on how to survive, or help other women who are trying to get through what I already have survived.

So my son is 4 months old almost 5 months, and he is such a blessing, he is the most adorable little thing God could have blessed me with. That being said he is a 24 hour job (like most babies I would assume), so of coarse I went and signed myself up to also be a full time student… So as I prepare to take that on as well, I am going to post and kind of just let everyone know how I am doing what kind of schedule I keep what I am cooking for me, my husband, and little one (as he is starting baby food!!) how I am getting school work done in-between napping sessions. In short how I am surviving.