Appreciate the Life You Have With These Few Steps




In the life of a stay at home mom/ full time student I find it easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of my life, trying to keep the family clean, fed and happy, but also getting all my paperwork into my school when it’s due. But, I have found their are a few simple but sure ways to keep our family a little happier and a lot less stressed! I started most of these habits as a single airmen in the Air Force due to my high anxiety I found they all helped me keep my stress levels down and my ease of life up! So, without further ado here is my idea of a happy life in 3 short steps!

Step 1: Keep your house tidy. I don’t mean always be on hands and knees cleaning because let’s face it not all of us have time for that or really want to do that when we actually have time for ourselves. What I mean by tidy is have a place for everything in your house, and be sure to put those objects back in their place before leaving a room, make your bed when you get out of it, pick up a piece of trash if you see it on the ground in your house, CHANGE THE TOILET PAPER ROLL. ┬áJust simple little things such as that. I’m by no means an OCD clean freak, but with my high anxiety I easily get freaked out if I allow my responsibilities to pile up on me. So, in short keep your responsibilities to a minimum by attacking them as they appear don’t leave them to later!


Step 2: Take Pictures! I didn’t realize this until after I had my son, but our lives are so precious and they are made up of memories that deserve to be cherished and remembered. If you have your baby in a cute outfit take a picture! If your husband or any loved ones make a funny statement take a picture. Anything! Take pictures every day and then put them all over your house put them in your coffee mugs put them on your keys. Keep your family memories around you, cherishing the life you were given is a huge key in loving your life. And if not all of your close family and friends live near you set a goal to call at least one of them a day! When you take the time to remember all of the great things you have in life, it makes roughing it out through the hard times that much easier. Take my advice I beg you, and love the people you have been blessed enough to be surrounded by!


Step 3: I don’t want to say this is the most important because without any one of these you really are missing out on the trifecta that I have put together,but this step brings it all together. My last step without further ado, is spend time connecting. Connect with God if you’re a Christian, connect with the earth if you are not. Just take at least five minutes a day to calm your spirit and your mind and really release your stresses and your problems unto whatever it is that you believe in. This is extremely important to supplementing your happiness. Studies have shown that spiritual people tend to be happier. So, why not? You don’t have to be a Christian, there are plenty of other options you could be a Buddhist and just live to respect the beings around you or you could be a Wiccan and thank mother earth for her nurturing land. There is just something about releasing your stresses to a higher power that helps humans survive through their day a little happier.


This is my 3 step process to making it through my hectic days a little calmer and more productive. If you read this I would definitely recommend try it out! Let me know if it works for you, if you have other ideas I would love love love to hear them! Let me know for sure, because as I mentioned earlier I have the WORST anxiety, anything that can help me keep the stress levels down is greatly appreciated.