Appreciate the Life You Have With These Few Steps




In the life of a stay at home mom/ full time student I find it easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of my life, trying to keep the family clean, fed and happy, but also getting all my paperwork into my school when it’s due. But, I have found their are a few simple but sure ways to keep our family a little happier and a lot less stressed! I started most of these habits as a single airmen in the Air Force due to my high anxiety I found they all helped me keep my stress levels down and my ease of life up! So, without further ado here is my idea of a happy life in 3 short steps!

Step 1: Keep your house tidy. I don’t mean always be on hands and knees cleaning because let’s face it not all of us have time for that or really want to do that when we actually have time for ourselves. What I mean by tidy is have a place for everything in your house, and be sure to put those objects back in their place before leaving a room, make your bed when you get out of it, pick up a piece of trash if you see it on the ground in your house, CHANGE THE TOILET PAPER ROLL.  Just simple little things such as that. I’m by no means an OCD clean freak, but with my high anxiety I easily get freaked out if I allow my responsibilities to pile up on me. So, in short keep your responsibilities to a minimum by attacking them as they appear don’t leave them to later!


Step 2: Take Pictures! I didn’t realize this until after I had my son, but our lives are so precious and they are made up of memories that deserve to be cherished and remembered. If you have your baby in a cute outfit take a picture! If your husband or any loved ones make a funny statement take a picture. Anything! Take pictures every day and then put them all over your house put them in your coffee mugs put them on your keys. Keep your family memories around you, cherishing the life you were given is a huge key in loving your life. And if not all of your close family and friends live near you set a goal to call at least one of them a day! When you take the time to remember all of the great things you have in life, it makes roughing it out through the hard times that much easier. Take my advice I beg you, and love the people you have been blessed enough to be surrounded by!


Step 3: I don’t want to say this is the most important because without any one of these you really are missing out on the trifecta that I have put together,but this step brings it all together. My last step without further ado, is spend time connecting. Connect with God if you’re a Christian, connect with the earth if you are not. Just take at least five minutes a day to calm your spirit and your mind and really release your stresses and your problems unto whatever it is that you believe in. This is extremely important to supplementing your happiness. Studies have shown that spiritual people tend to be happier. So, why not? You don’t have to be a Christian, there are plenty of other options you could be a Buddhist and just live to respect the beings around you or you could be a Wiccan and thank mother earth for her nurturing land. There is just something about releasing your stresses to a higher power that helps humans survive through their day a little happier.


This is my 3 step process to making it through my hectic days a little calmer and more productive. If you read this I would definitely recommend try it out! Let me know if it works for you, if you have other ideas I would love love love to hear them! Let me know for sure, because as I mentioned earlier I have the WORST anxiety, anything that can help me keep the stress levels down is greatly appreciated.




Getting ready to take it on


School starts soon, and I am getting squeamish. With questions in my head like when will I have the time to do my school work? How on earth will I keep the house clean? When are me and the hubby going to get some “us time? But, today I put a stop to all of that self-doubt, I have my solutions, and it ALL revolves around a schedule!

No stay at home mother would argue that staying at home with your children IS indeed a job just like any other. So, just like every other job there should be times that you start work and when you get to “relax” ( as much as any mother really can). My schedule will revolve around my son’s sleep and eating schedule!

Isaac wakes up at 7:30 every morning regardless of when he went to bed the night before, so my schedule should start before he even wakes so I can get things done! I should wake up at 6:30. I will need to get myself ready first things first and start my coffee!! Once those things are done, its time to empty the dishwasher and place any dishes in the dishwasher that may have been left there from the night prior. Doing the dishes in the morning and having an empty dishwasher makes going through the day loads easier. With an empty dishwasher you are just rinsing and placing the dishes in the sink throughout the day versus doing the dishes all at once in the evening when you would rather be hanging with my hubby or taking the dog for a leisurely stroll outside.

There is my early  morning, now Isaac is up, he needs a diaper change and a bottle immediately!! My baby boy loves to eat just like his padre! Next it is Isaac’s bath time! So he has had his bottle, and bath,  my kitchen is clean and I am ready to go to the gym!!

My gym daycare doesn’t open until 9 so between the time of Isaac finishing his bottle and us leaving for the gym I am tidying up the living room ( mainly sweeping because my doggy and kitty shed their own weights worth of fur!) Once it hits about 8:45 I am off to the gym to get my sweat on and get this baby weight off of me!! I can only work out for an hour because my son is only 4 months old and they don’t allow any child under a year to stay any longer then one hour. So we get done there and head on back home! I need to get myself showered and Isaac bottled, down for a nap, if he sees fit of coarse. So from the time I get home until all of this is done is about… 2 hours so now it is noon. Lunch time!! I will write that in another blog but I plan on trying out that craze with mothers of freezing your meals a month in advance, I’ll let you know how it goes!

So, I finish eating and I’m sure by now Isaac is already awake, he will only sleeps for a while if I am holding him. So, I’ll grab him and take him to his nursery so I can start working on my school work, take care of any bills if they need it, and just get all the work done that I need for the day! While we are here baby Isaac will need his 3rd bottle of the day at 1:30. We will be here probably until the hubby is up and ready to hang out, which is usually about 3 o’clock ( he is working nights now poor thing).

Once daddy is up we are going for a family walk! We both are trying to shred a little fat that we have put on over the years of being a couple and eating out ALL the time. So, I get the puppy the baby and we just go walk and talk about our day and how things are going for him at work and school, and I’ll tell him about our son’s milestones and how school is also going for me. It’s a good way for us to calm our minds but also get some us time in, while also getting our bodies back to the way we remember them. Just to keep things from being too cramped lets say it’s  4:30 when we get back, time for some din din! First for Isaac and then for us.Once again I am going to try out the frozen meals trick but for now we just heat up so chicken or fish with a vegetable of our own choosing and dig in!

This is the time of day that Logan will go work out before he has to go to work, so I will work on the laundry… I HATE LAUNDRY! Which is why for my new schedule I will be designating a spot specifically for my laundry. I am the worst about leaving it in the dryer until I need to wear it.  I’m sure you can imagine the state that my clothes are in… with my husband barely making enough to cover the bills we can’t really afford lazy habits like that.. So when he is off at the gym I will  put laundry in the washing machine and dryer and fold whatever is ready, exactly when it is ready! And in-between loads I will work on sweeping and mopping my floors, cleaning my bathrooms, and of coarse Isaac’s bottle at 7:30(Logan works out for a really long time) But, once he is home it tis’ time for the family! We will probably turn on the TV and make jokes about what’s on or talk about recent news, or even just something funny we found on the internet. At the end of it all he will leave to go to his work, and me and baby Isaac will go to sleep ’til the morning when we will wake and do it all again!

So in Short here is my schedule!

6:30- Time to Rise and Shine/ Get Ready/ Drink my coffee/ Do the dishes

7:30- Bottle and Diaper Change/ Bath Time/ Sweep the house

8:45- Gym time/Isaac’s Bottle/ Shower and Get Dressed

12:00- Lunch

12:30- Nursery/ School work/ Pay Bills/ Isaac’s Bottle

3ish- Logan wakes up/ Go For a Walk

4:30- Isaac’s Bottle/ Dinner/ Logan leaves for the Gym/ Laundry Time

10ish- Time to go to bed and wake up to do it all over again!


~Wash pans as soon as you use them before eating your meal so that they don’t pile up and you have to do a lot at once!

~ Have formula made and ready for your little one first thing in the morning so you just have to pour the milk into a bottle for him/ her to start eating.

~ Don’t worry if you don’t get everything done because the little one wants you to hold them all day, there is always tomorrow!

~ Other things will come up ( i.e. volunteer events, big projects that require more time etc) just work them in! Have your template and when other things come up just work your schedule around them! Thats one of the beauties of making your own “work” schedule!



In the life of a stay at home mother.


As a stay at home mom I bathe in the bliss of laying in pajamas all day and doing nothing but eating and sleeping and laying around watching TV… NOT! I wish! If only the life of a stay at home mother was as uneventful as everyone seems to think, life would be bliss and the sky would be raining candy and marshmallows. Being a stay at home mother is HARD, not that any woman can’t do it, you just need to keep your mind right. Which is why I started this blog, I need a “Journal” so-to-speak to just get me through the day. A place where I can talk about my struggles and get feedback on how to survive, or help other women who are trying to get through what I already have survived.

So my son is 4 months old almost 5 months, and he is such a blessing, he is the most adorable little thing God could have blessed me with. That being said he is a 24 hour job (like most babies I would assume), so of coarse I went and signed myself up to also be a full time student… So as I prepare to take that on as well, I am going to post and kind of just let everyone know how I am doing what kind of schedule I keep what I am cooking for me, my husband, and little one (as he is starting baby food!!) how I am getting school work done in-between napping sessions. In short how I am surviving.